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Precise, punctual, stylistically on point

C.EIDAM translations and language services specialises in high quality medical and legal language services. Our translations are always carefully researched for terminology, stylistically polished and produced using the latest technologies. Reliable delivery and rapid reaction times are top priorities for us.


We have been translating for renowned customers from the medical, medical engineering and pharmaceuticals sectors for many years. We are therefore highly familiar with the linguistic, regulatory and technical requirements of this sector and have a very clear understanding of the wishes and needs of our customers.


Our scope of services encompasses the translation and editing of specialist medical articles for international journals, websites, medical training information, study documentation, surgical reports, physicians' letters, package inserts, clinical study documents, operating instructions, white papers for medical devices, regulatory tests, product recalls and much more.


We work together with a network of professional colleagues in all language directions, so that we are able to offer a full range of products in the fields of medical and legal professional translation with a consistent high quality level.


In doing so, we rely on modern translation technologies, which play an important role not only in the professional competence of the translator but also in the quality assurance process and the efficient handling of translations. The use of these CAT tools offers you the advantages of cost savings due to an avoidance of duplicate translations and consistent terminology throughout all documents, which can be quickly and easily utilised during subsequent document translations and with the use of a new translator.


In this way, we are able to assure you that your terminology will be consistently used in accordance with your corporate identity.


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