Translations are usually charged for based on a word or character count. By analysing the source text with CAT tools it is possible to take repetitions into account in the final price, so that fair pricing is guaranteed. Depending on the order volume/regularity, it is also possible to agree volume discounts and price reductions.


Other services, such as editing, are usually billed for by the hour. However, alternative models - such as the word count - are also possible here.


A minimum charge of € 40.00 including VAT applies to all projects.


Please send your inquiry to We will be in touch with you directly with a cost estimate:



Delivery periods


The delivery periods are dependent on the scope of the order. The delivery period is generally calculated based on a work rate of 2,000-3,000 words per day. In urgent cases it is naturally also possible to agree faster delivery times. Because particularly urgent inquiries are not unusual in the translation business, we have established structures through which to react accordingly. We are usually able to meet with the desired deadlines of our customers! In urgent cases give us a call on 0221/94966573 (or 0160/3633471 outside office hours).