As the word suggests (trans = beyond and to create), transcreation is a technique that goes beyond mere translation and is suitable for advertising texts, for instance. During the transcreation process your well-thought-out texts carefully written in a source language with metaphors, idioms and country-specific content, possibly from an advertising agency, in order to address a specific target audience, are transferred to the target language in a such a way that they reach readers there, too, because the texts reflect the language environment they live in. To this end, the transcreator first concerns himself/herself granularly with the content and the intended messages and only then transfers them into a metaphorical, vivid language that is understood in the target country. Depending on the customer’s specifications, the transcreator is provided with information on the desired message of the text and the underlying thought processes, so that they can be transported by the means available in the target language. This often entails an intensive feedback process with the customer.




Both individual so-called taglines (slogans) and entire advertising brochures are subjected to an in-depth localization process. The transcreator departs to the necessary extent from the source text, so that the message also works in the target language and appeals to the target audience.




In the context of my collaboration with advertising agencies, I have collected extensive experience in this area and have also attended an advanced training event on this topic.