Medicine and medical engineering


We have been translating for renowned customers from the medical, medical engineering and pharmaceuticals sectors for many years. We are therefore highly familiar with the linguistic, regulatory and technical requirements of this sector and have a very clear understanding of the wishes and needs of our customers.




Types of text:


Articles in medical journals, brochures, advertising materials for product launches, white papers, press releases, clinical studies, landing pages, product information documents, operating instructions, surgical instructions, physicians' letters, product recalls, product experience reports, website texts, QM guidelines, regulatory correspondence, etc.)



Subject areas:


Asthma:  e.g. Inhalers


Angiography: e.g. embolisation microspheres


Cardiology: e.g. transcatheter heart valves, haemodynamic monitoring, atrial fibrillation


Dermatology: e.g. extracorporeal photopheresis


Diabetology: e.g. blood sugar measurement devices, insulin pens


Dyslipidemia: e.g. familial hypercholesterolemia


Immunology: e.g. monoclonal antibodies


Incontinence systems


Medicinal treatments


Neurology, e.g. transcranial magnetic stimulation


Oncology: e.g. chronic lymphatic leukaemia, renal cell carcinoma, ovarian carcinoma, DLBCL, NSCLC


Ophthalmology: e.g. ocular burns


Orthopaedics: e.g. implants (knee, hip, vertebral), bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs), cages, instruments, computer-assisted surgery


Rheumatic diseases: e.g. rheumatoid arthritis


Sphingomyelinase deficiency


Stem cell therapy


Wound dressings





Biotechnology: e.g. chromatography systems


Bioanalytics: e.g. analysis kits, immunoassays


CT and MRT technology


Dialysis machines


Emergency equipment: e.g. stretchers, carry-sheets, mountain rescue sheets, rescue sheets


Filtration technology


Infusion technology 


Oximetry catheters